LIVE 30 day live training program to learn how to market your practice for success

Move from “hope and pray” marketing to intentional action that gets real results. Live training calls, live implementation calls plus bonus templates, calendars, content planners & prompts!

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cassandra duffill growth mentor to naturopaths

As a Natural Health Practitioner & Business Owner, you already know there is a direct link between your marketing efforts and your business success.

Learning how to market your business effectively will allow you to:


Move from overwhelm to being in control of your business


Keep leads flowing while you're busy with clients


Be intentional and create growth in your practice


Finally know the RIGHT marketing elements to use to reach the success you deserve




You are great at what you do, but your qualification never taught you how to market your business.
Let’s fix that!

I know you’ve worked hard on your marketing – posted on socials, gone live a time or two, sent out emails, tried a few ads, but you’re still not getting traction. You are talking to no one, your marketing just isn’t hitting the spot.

You need to have a solid understanding of each element, so you can put the right plan together. You need 1:1 help to understand and activate.  You want a marketing plan that grows your business with ease.




March 27 program EXTENDED - 6 weeks for the price of 4!


Marketing calendar & social media content planner templates


FREE attendance at the next 90 Visibility Planning Session


FREE 1:1 Strategy Session, valued at $499, when you pay in full


Bonus Q&A call a month after we finish for further direction & support

Client Outcomes

If you get the opportunity to work with Cass, you should take it! She gave me new ideas and helped me craft marketing that works.  She always focused on what was achievable for me, with family in mind. She helped me create a real strategy for my business & my marketing.

Katie Barron

Naturopath & Educator

I’ve worked with many coaches over the years but Cass is the ONLY one who really supported my business. Other coaches were a waste of time & money.  She helped me launch my program and a new product, that I had tried to launch with other coaches without success. Cass also walked me through all the tech step by step. 

Rebecca Lang

Naturopath & Juice Bar Owner

Working with a mentor was something I always put off. I had done heaps of training courses and thought I was fine alone. But working with Cass is another level.  After our first session & implementing her strategies I had 10 new leads!  Client retention improved when I made the changes she recommended too.

Louise Ellen


learn how to market your practice for success

 This live training program will give you the marketing skills you need to get tangible, consistent results, put your leads on auto pilot & execute marketing with ease. Learn & implement, with 1:1 help & support.

Market your services with confidence. Craft the right messages that resonate with your ideal clients.  Learn to batch, schedule & recycle content so marketing becomes a breeze!



Marketing Mastery is more a comprehensive guide than a program! Across 10 live sessions you’ll learn every element required to market your practice online, and how to use them.

You will also receive implementation calls throughout to give you 1:1 support & expert advice. You have my help every step of the way!


Content Calendar

Excel template provided that you can use to create your own content calendar as we work through the modules


Marketing Calendar

Excel template you can use to create your own marketing calendar as we work through the modules.


Client Clarity

Get really clear on your ideal client so you can craft the right marketing to reach them.  Bonus content for this is pre-loaded in the system.


Niche Clarity

Knowing your niche is a key component to creating the right marketing.  Bonus content is included for you on determining your lucrative niche.


Message Matrix

Develop your core content pillars, learn how to blend the unique elements of who you are & what you do, into magnetic messages.


Online Marketing

Understand the important elements of your website, SEO, being found on search & more.


Social Media

Delve into the various social media channels, the audience make up and the types of marketing to use.


Email Marketing

Gold nugget email marketing techniques, list building, nurturing & best practices.


Content Marketing

Content is king! Understand content marketing & how to craft search friendly content.


Paid Vs Organic

What are the best options for our natural health businesses?


Batch & Schedule

Learn how to create, batch and schedule your content in bulk to make your marketing easy


Content Creation

Understand how to make content creation easy and join in a co-working session in this module as we create together!


Funnel Mastery

Learn what a sales funnel is, how to create one and why your online business needs one.  Includes nurture sequence templates!


Lead Magnet Mastery

Learn how to put leads on autopilot with lead magnets & learn how to craft the right lead magnet for your niche.


Online Program 101

Learn how to create your online program, we’ll cover simple tech tools, the right format to use & how to create your program from the ground up!


Wrap Up Session

In this last session we finalise your marketing calendar & content calendar. Come with your questions for this interactive Q&A style session.

BONUS SESSION – take what you’ve learnt, implement it for a month, then come back for a live Q&A session one month after the program ends! 

this program is for you if

You’re sick of having to work it out on your own & you’re ready to know exactly what to do, step by step.  You want help to learn the right marketing for your business & 1:1 support to create & execute.

You want to be done with overwhelm & move into intentional action so you know you’re marketing your natural health practice the RIGHT way.

Then my friend, this is your answer!

Success Story

your investment

I promise you this will be the most affordable and most comprehensive program, delivered live by an expert marketing & business coach.  Next round begins March 27th 2023 and will be the LAST round at this price!

BONUS – pay in full for a 1:1 strategy session with me!

BONUS – this round is a special EXTENDED round, 6 weeks instead of 4!

BONUS – wrap up session one month later, go implement what you’ve learnt & come back and ask your questions!

** Payment plan option available at checkout but to get the FREE 1:1 Strategy Session with me you need to pay in full **



What are the course dates?

Marketing Mastery starts on March 27 2023 and ends May 8 2023. The March delivery is a special EXTENDED version with a bonus of 6 weeks for the same price as the 30 day program. PLUS come back a month later to a live Q&A call, implement all you’ve learnt then come back with your questions!

I need details - dates, times, commitment hours?

Sure! I’m a details person too 😉  Let me tell you how Marketing Mastery runs.  The sessions are delivered live, with replays available within 24hours.  There is an online learning platform you’ll have access to, that will house the replays, workbooks, templates, calendars & any bonus material.  The prep work is already loaded into the platform, you can access this as soon as you pay.

Course Delivery: The course is usually 30 days long, but March 27th round will be EXTENDED to 6 weeks. Live training modules delivered live Monday  & Wednesday evenings at 6.30pm QLD time.  I encourage you to come live but the replay will be available the next day.

Implementation Calls: implementation calls are 1:1 sessions with me, that you can attend when/if you feel the need.  In these sessions I can help you with any specifics relating to your marketing.  Need help with your message?  Confused by social media? Want thoughts on your web copy? Jump on one of the implementation calls.  Implementation calls are available 2 times per week, Tuesdays at 10am and at the end of our Wednesday evening sessions, approximately 7.30pm Qld time.  You do not have to stay for the entire session, jump on, ask your questions, then log out and continue about your day.  Implementation calls are not recorded.

Time Commitment: the sessions vary, some like Marketing Messages, your Marketing Plan or your Content Calendar, might take a little time to complete. I teach you to work in 90 day blocks in this course and that is what you’ll be completing during the program (the templates you will be given are annual calendars so you can do a longer plan if you like).  Other sessions, like  SEO basics, might be something you don’t need to do anything with right now, so no extra work after the session is required.  In general I recommend allowing an hour a week on top of trainings.

Please note that we are taking a break over the EASTER public holidays – no sessions or live calls those dates.

I realise this is intense, but that is the point. With the economic times we are facing you need to know how to market you business NOW, not in 3 or 6 months.

What is the program format?

There is a Prep Week module to do before you start, in an online learning platform.

Each week there are 2 live trainings, on different areas of marketing. I have broken this up, so larger modules that will take more work, are paired with less intense trainings.

There are also Implementation Calls where you can receive help and support. There is no new content in this calls, so you only need attend if you need help or want to clarify something.

A month after the end of the program we have a 1 hour wrap up session, for additional support.  The point of this session is to give you a month to implement what you’ve learned, and come back with questions or queries.

What if I can't make the dates?

Attending the Training Calls live is best if you can, but if you can’t, the replays will be in the online learning platform within 24 hours.

There are multiple Implementation Calls throughout the month and I recommend you try to attend as many as possible. These are not recorded, due to the confidential aspect of the business content (other people’s businesses) we may be discussing.

How long do I have access for?

You have access to the course, all the training replays, all workbooks, templates and more, for life.  You will also have access to any updates or improvements as I change & further develop the course.

Be aware you will not have access to implementation calls after the program as these are not recorded for privacy reasons.

Are their refunds?

No as a digital program there are no refunds.  As there is content in the online portal immediately available to you after purchase, there are no refunds for any reason.  Please ensure you are happy with this before purchase.

What is the pricing?

The total price is $495.  You can choose to pay this upfront and receive a FREE 1:1 Strategy Breakthrough Session with me, where I can give you very specific advice regarding your business marketing.

You can also pay by payment plan, $165 deposit when you sign up, then $165 a  week (2 payments).  Payment plan participants do not receive the FREE 1:1 Strategy Breakthrough Session.

What format are the modules?

Each module it taught live – they are not pre recorded.  Some modules have a workbook or other resources, but not every module.  This program is about taking action so there is 100% no fluff! We get straight to the point and leave you each session with specific action steps.  Unlike other courses that are padded out and make you wait months to finish and be able to start implementing, this program is designed to be easily and immediately implemented.


Why is this program only 30 days? (well the March one is 45 days, but who's counting...)

I personally am frustrated with the current training model where a course is padded out to be 6-12 weeks long, sometimes even longer.  What I am teaching you need to know right now, so you can create a business that can ride the economic times ahead.  That is why Marketing Mastery is structured as an intensive live implementor program. We get in, get it done, and start getting you results.

March 27th round is 6 weeks, to accommodate EASTER and due to the extra content I’ve added since the last program ran.