Leverage LinkedIn – Tapping Into the Power Of Professional Networks

Cass Duffill: Business Success Strategist & Marketing Expert

Leverage LinkedIn – Tapping Into the Power Of Professional Networks

Standing out from the crowd and connecting with the right individuals in a clutter online world is getting harder and harder.  But it’s paramount for the growth of your soulful business. While social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram may seem like the go-to spaces for wellness entrepreneurs, there is a treasure trove of opportunities sitting within the realm of LinkedIn. Yes, you read it right. LinkedIn.

LinkedIn isn’t just for suit-and-tie corporations. In fact, it holds immense untapped potential for those entrepreneurs looking to connect with their ideal clients, and offer impactful solutions to their niche. With over 740 million active users worldwide, LinkedIn indeed is a powerhouse for professional networking, lead generation, and thought leadership.

So, how can soulful entrepreneurs leverage LinkedIn’s robust community to grow and thrive?

There’s a few ways actually:

1. Establish Your Personal Brand
Your LinkedIn profile is your online business card, resume and personal branding kit, all in one. It’s both your first impression and lasting narrative. Optimise it to reflect your passion and expertise in the wellness industry. Update your profile photo to a clear, professional headshot, create a compelling headline that encapsulates your role and focus, and craft a summary that captivatingly narrates your story, mission, and what sets you apart. 

Remember, I want you to be easily recognisable across all marketing channels, so keep your profile picture the same across platforms and create bios that say the same things.

2. Engage with LinkedIn Groups
LinkedIn Groups present a powerful avenue to connect with like-minded professionals and potential clients alike. Join groups that resonate with your niche, actively engage in discussions, share relevant articles, and position yourself as a proactive, industry-leading voice. By doing this, you’re incrementally building your credibility while fostering meaningful relationships. 

Clients of mine have not only found amazing new 1:1 and program clients on LinkedIn, they’ve also been able to secure speaking opportunities, podcast guest slots and more! So it’s a great way to skyrocket your visiblity.

3. Share Relevant, High-Value Content
LinkedIn thrives on content sharing, and it provides the perfect platform to position you as a thought leader in your soulful niche. Share articles, blog posts, research, infographics, or even personal narratives that articulate your expertise and passion while adding value for your network. This fosters trust, engagement, and keeps you top of mind for your connections. 

Remember this is a platform that likes some depth to content, so this is the space to use your researched and referenced amazing pieces of content!

4. Utilise LinkedIn for SEO
Did you know LinkedIn ranks high in search engine results? That’s right. Google loves LinkedIn. Ensuring that you utilise SEO within your profile, and incorporate keywords relevant to your industry, can help you be discovered organically by those seeking your services.

5. Leverage LinkedIn’s Publishing Platform
If you love creating long-form content, LinkedIn’s publishing platform is a goldmine. Publish articles on health tips, wellness lifestyle changes, industry trends or your own entrepreneurial journey. This not only helps you show off your expertise but also significantly boosts your visibility.

6. Utilise LinkedIn for Market Research
LinkedIn can serve as a valuable tool for research. Investigate what kind of content your competitors are posting, what’s garnering engagement, and identify gaps where you can deliver further value. This understanding can help shape your own content strategy.

LinkedIn, with all its professional networking prowess, is far too valuable a platform for soulful  entrepreneurs to ignore. By cultivating a strong presence, engaging meaningfully, and sharing valuable content, you can transform LinkedIn into a powerful ally for your soulful business.

So, what types of content are best to use on LinkedIn?  The great thing about this platform is a wide range of content types get traction. 

Here are 7 content types you might like to try:

Articles: LinkedIn’s native publishing platform allows users to create long-form articles (akin to blog posts) on various topics. This is the place to share your journal-worthy articles and thoughtful missives.

Videos: Video content typically gets more organic reach on LinkedIn and can be an effective way to engage your audience. Share informative videos showcasing your expertise, interview industry experts, or put together a series of tips and recommendations.

Images and Infographics: Visually appealing content, such as images and infographics, can quickly capture the attention of your audience. Create professional graphics or infographics that convey health tips or wellness information in an easy-to-understand format.

Text-based posts: Craft engaging short text-based updates that resonate with your target audience. These can be insightful, inspirational or educational, sparking conversations and fostering engagement.

LinkedIn Polls: Polls are a great way to generate engagement, gather opinions, and even conduct market research. Post polls related to the health and wellness industry or ask for feedback on specific topics.

SlideShare Presentations: Use LinkedIn’s integrated SlideShare platform to create and share professional presentations, step-by-step guides, and educational material in a visually compelling format. This offers a unique way to share your knowledge and expertise in the health and wellness space.

Case Studies: Showcase the value you deliver to your clients through real-life success stories, testimonials, or inspiring transformations. Case studies can help demonstrate the impact of your expertise and services on the lives of your clients.

Remember, social media marketing is not just about being seen as a business – it’s about being recognized for the value you bring into your industry. Social media is supposed to be social.  And LinkedIn, if mastered, can magnify that value like no other.

Your soulful business is so much more than just a means for income – it’s the embodiment of your intention and manifestation of your dive into entrepreneurship. So why not give it the professional edge it deserves?

Thanks for reading, see you next time!

Cass x

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