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Develop the right marketing plan, create your online program & put leads on auto pilot so you can get off the feast & famine cycle & stop being a slave to your socials!

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Without the right marketing & your focus on 1:1 clients, you’re never going to earn what you deserve.

Time for a reality check.

Filling your books with 1:1 clients won’t get you the income you desire for the life you want. There will always be a glass ceiling you can’t get beyond, and you’ll likely sacrifice your health in the process (I know I did).

You can build a huge following on your socials, but never make a cent from it.  I’ve had clients with 100k plus followers, working so hard, but not making any income.

Build it and they will come is a lie, “they” don’t just come. It takes a solid marketing plan (and unfortunately a marketing plan is not sporadically posting on social media and a bi-annual email to your list!).

You don’t need a huge audience or client list to make a decent income. But you do need a plan and action steps to make it a reality.

Unfortunately right now,  much of the time you put into marketing is wasted, because you don’t have a solid plan.  It is sporadic and lacks consistency.  Your focus on 1:1 clients means you’ll forever be chasing the next client, making less than you deserve. Clients breeze in and out, never sticking around long enough to get great outcomes and your income varies wildly one month to the next.

Cassandra Duffill soul aligned marketing expert

End result? You are working harder than you should, to make way less than you deserve!


You can attract the right clients in abundance,  and sell them amazing solutions that aren’t just 1:1 consults!

You want consistent $5k, $10k, $20k months and beyond.

You need a Holistic Marketing EcoSystem created to grow your business long term.

You are ready to earn what you’re worth and create the life you deserve.

You know you need additional revenue streams to get off the feast & famine cycle.

You want premium 1:1 mentoring to step you through the process.

Cassandra Duffill soul aligned marketing expert
Cassandra Duffill marketing mentor and business coach for health prac and entrepreneurs

Hey there, I’m Cass!

In 2013 I started my health practice, as a solo parent with no capital behind me. Quickly I built to $10k+ months, turning over $140k in my first year.  Year on year it built, with $30k and $40k months and 30+ clients a week – then my health gave out.

I made the massive mistake of not adding revenue streams in the form of programs & packages sooner!

Launching my first program was a huge relief!  I cut back my clinic days, served clients in my group program, and generated over $170k from this program alone in just 18 months.

I’ve nailed the art of successful online business.  Blending marketing & business strategy I’ve created a life that provides more income, and gives me more time, than I’ve ever had before.

My goal is to help every health & wellness entrepreneur to do the same. Being a helper or a healer shouldn’t mean you earn a pitiful income and sacrifice your health (and sanity) in the meantime.



Create & Elevate is a six month premium mentoring experience, created for healers, helpers & soulful entrepreneurs ready to create a thriving online business.

Step by step in premium 1:1 mentoring sessions, you’ll create new revenue streams with online programs and packages, and develop the right marketing strategy for consistent sales and long term growth.

Create & Elevate is a six-month mentoring experience, of fortnightly 1:1 zoom calls, stepping you through the elements of marketing, monetisation and mindset needed to take create the thriving practice you dream of!

Not a cookie cutter program! No online learning modules, these inhibit your individual progress. Workbooks, resources & marketing templates are provided, making creation a breeze! Tech is sorted, walking you through the process in live zoom sessions.

If you get the opportunity to work with Cass, you should take it! She gave me new ideas and helped me craft marketing that works.  She always focused on what was achievable for me, with family in mind. Cass could see why my sales funnel wasn’t converting and helped me craft a new launch process. I have clear direction now and I know what to do next.  There is no one else I’d go to for marketing strategy in our industry!

Katie Barron

Naturopath & Educator

Together we’ll walk through my 6 step process:

Get Clarity

You’ll get super clear on your ideal client, who they are and what they need from you.  Get clarity on your business, your goals and why you’re adding new revenue streams.

Nail Your Offer

Get really focused on your ideal client and how you can offer them the solution they really need. Using my Solutions Matrix you’ll craft the ideal transformational offer so you can stand out from the clutter.

Solution Framework

Next you’ll determine the journey you’ll take your client on, leading them to the transformation they so desperately want.  The Framework Foundation System will help you craft the right steps.

Revenue Stream Creation

You’ll create your program, package or membership, with support in our 1:1 sessions.  Curate the steps of your client transformation.

Marketing Framework

Learn how to build an audience of potential clients and market your program the right way.  Understand launch frameworks, evergreen formats and the art of a sales webinar.

Leads On Auto Pilot

You’ll learn how to create a Client Attraction System to put leads on autopilot and build an audience of ideal clients who need your program, package or membership.

Cassandra Duffill Marketing Strategy for Naturopath Health Wellness Entrepreneur

At the end of our six month journey you’ll have a new online revenue stream, lead generation strategy, marketing plan and a signature framework! You will also have the right marketing strategy for sustainable growth.

I’ve worked with many coaches over the years, but Cass is the ONLY one who really supported my business. Other coaches were a waste of time & money.  She helped me launch my program and a new product, and walked me through all the tech step by step. Working with Cass I became really clear about my program, learnt the tech to create it, and launch it.  We also launched my subscription box and affiliate program.  I’m so grateful for Cass’s monthly mentoring!

Rebecca Lang

Naturopath, Juice Bar Owner, Author

A six month premium business & marketing mentoring experience, designed to take your business to new levels of success (and income)!

Learn the exact process of
that I used to create my own successful health & wellness business.

Plus, you’ll get marketing templates, workbooks and resources, including lead magnet templates, email swipe files and more!

Join Create & Elevate, six-month premium mentoring experience



  • Six months premium business & marketing mentoring
  • Fortnightly 1:1 zoom sessions
  • Step by step process
  • Templates, workbooks & resources
  • Email support between sessions


Pay in 6 /12 / 24
$835 / $418 / $210

  • Six months premium business & marketing mentoring
  • Fortnightly 1:1 zoom sessions
  • Step by step process
  • Templates, workbooks & resources
  • Email support between sessions

Prices are in AUD and ex gst




how long is create & elevate?

Create & Elevate is a 6 month marketing & business coaching experience.  Your program starts with your Deep Dive Strategy Call and ends exactly 6 calendar months later.  


The program starts with a deep dive strategy call, followed by fortnightly laser focused coaching sessions.  Each session you receive clear action steps, all crafted to meet your strategy goals as determined in our first session.  Each call is via zoom & recordings are supplied via dropbox.  During the coaching experience I may provide workbooks & additional resources to support you, but there are no pre determined online learning modules. I feel these just hinder progress and hold you back from YOUR goals.

Pay in full clients are invited to 90 Day Visibility Planning Sessions, 2 during their 6 mth program.

What is the investment?

EOFY Bonus – program is only $3990! Save $600!
Pay in full upfront (includes bonus content & inclusions)
Payment Plan – 6 monthly payments. 
You receive bonus content for paying in full. 
All prices quoted are GST exclusive.


This program is perfect for natural health practitioners or entrepreneurs in the health and wellness space, who work online. You do not have to be 100% online, but you need to have some semblance of an online presence for marketing purposes.

You need to be someone who is open to advice (I will review your existing marketing / programs / lead magnet / online presence and provide feedback).  You need to be an action taker, willing to do some work.  Your results are based on your ability to implement.

Do I need to be tech savvy? No you don’t.  Can you send an email? That is all I need. I can teach you any tech you may need in 1:1 zoom session / walk throughs.

Will you do the work for me? No I won’t.  I will however walk you through the process so you can be in control of your marketing moving forward.

Am I best to do Create and Elevate or your cheaper coaching programs?  Be sure to get on a call with me first, to find the best fit.  My lower priced programs are great for short projects or specific launches. If you want to cover every element of your business and marketing, craft a strategy that is sustainable and aims for growth, then Create & Elevate is the right solution for you.


What is the time commitment?

You’ll generally need an hour or so each week to complete the work.  In between our sessions you can contact me with questions or for support, about the content we are working on and I will respond within 24hours (work days).  

Are there refunds? Can I cancel?

No, there are no refunds and you cannot cancel once committed to this high end coaching program.  Please do not undertake this coaching if it will put you in financial distress.  This will improve your business, but it can take 6-12 months for the full effect to be seen. It is not immediate, please do not expect you can sign up today and make six figures tomorrow!  Your results will hinge on your ability to implement, so come in with an open mind and be ready to get to work 🙂 


Cassandra Duffill soul aligned marketing expert