Create & Elevate


Build your business, attract the right clients, add new revenue streams, back it all with the right messaging and marketing,  so you can get off the feast & famine income cycle & stop being a slave to your socials (or your clients)!

Cassandra Duffill soul aligned marketing expert

I’m Cass, a marketing & business strategist who specialises in growing entrepreneurs businesses with easy, impactful strategy.

Let’s be honest. You started your business to help people – marketing and growing a business were never part of the equation!   Now you’re stuck.  You’re working hard to grow but it’s not working.  You try to market your business but you’re getting crickets instead of clients. 

The overwhelm is real and you’re just need help.

That’s where Create & Elevate comes in! Work with me 1:1 to build out your business model, attract an abundance of the right clients, market your business the right way and create the thriving soulful business you long to have!

As a degree qualified marketing & business strategist, and a qualified naturopath, I’ve nailed the art of successful business.  Blending soulful marketing & business strategy I can show you how to fill your books, grow your revenue streams, get your marketing right, and create the business you truly want.  My mission is to help every passion-led entrepreneur create a life by design & build the thriving business they’ve dreamed of!

As a degree qualified marketing & business strategist & qualified naturopath, I’ve nailed the art of online business.  I was on a mission to help my client’s live their best lives – but I also wanted to create my dream life!

I can show you how to attract the right clients, grow your revenue streams, get your marketing right and create the success you truly deserve. All without sacrificing your integrity, maintaining your authenticity, and without giving up time with your family.

Being a entrepreneur on a mission shouldn’t mean you have to sacrifice what is important to you, or settle for a pitiful income!


Unsure of the next steps and consistent with your efforts, you will never create the success you deserve.


You can attract amazing clients in abundance, support them transformative solutions and create simple marketing that works!

We will build out your business model with revenue streams that give you a sustainable thriving business. You’ll create marketing you actually enjoy, that doesn’t take hours to do. And create a business that doesn’t always need you at the helm.



Create & Elevate is a six month premium mentoring experience, created for entrepreneurs ready to make their thriving business dreams, a reality!

Step by step in premium 1:1 mentoring sessions, you will build a solid business model, back it with the right marketing & messaging, and learn lead generation & strategies for long term growth.

A completely tailored mentoring experience, we craft a plan to achieve your goals and step through it across six amazing months!

Not a cookie cutter program! No online learning modules, these inhibit your individual progress. Workbooks, resources & marketing templates are provided as you need them, making creation a breeze!

Through this process you’ll create a business by design, one that works for you (instead of drains you) and provides the lifestyle you truly want.  Plus you won’t have to sacrifice family time to do it!

Who is Create & Elevate for?

Ambitious entrepreneurs ready to finally hit their goals, who are running a service based business.

Entrepreneurs who are ready to grow and willing to take the steps to make it happen.

Business owners who are ready to earn their worth! You can make an income while making an impact and I’ll show you how.

I Know You Need Real Results

(and you’ve probably been burned by mentors that
didn’t deliver – yep me too!)

I’ve wasted so much time and money over the years on coaches and mentors that didn’t deliver and programs that didn’t provide what they promised.

In Create & Elevate I offer everything I ever wished I had in a mentor, with the tailored 1:1 support you need to get real results.

The fact is, I’m the ONLY degree qualified marketing & business strategist, who’s also created a successful natural health practice from scratch.  I then grew that practice with programs, courses, memberships and more, generating multi-six figures every year.  Now I blend all my skills & experience and support you to create the success that I’ve enjoyed.

Friends, you wouldn’t spend money on an unqualified health professional – why are you taking a gamble on mentors who just “think” they know marketing & business strategy?


I started my natural health practice, as a solo parent with no capital. Quickly creating a multi six-figure practice, I generated $30k and $40k months and saw 30+ clients a week – then my health gave out.

I had made the massive mistake of basing my business just on the 1:1 model.  I needed was other revenue streams, to take the pressure off.  My first program launch was a massive relief! I cut back my clinic days, served more clients in my group program, and added over six figures to my clinic revenue the next two years.

You don’t need a huge audience or massive client list to make great  income. But you do need a plan and action steps to make it a reality.

Right now,  much of the time you put into trying to grow your business is wasted, because you don’t have a solid plan.  The effort and approach is sporadic and lacks consistency.  Your focus on 1:1 clients means you’ll forever be chasing the next client, making less than you deserve and your income varies wildly one month to the next.

Cassandra Duffill soulful marketing business strategist for healers, helpers, coaches, online entrepreneurs

End result? You are working harder than you should, to make way less than you deserve!

Who is this for?

You want consistent $5k, $10k, even $20k months and beyond.

You need a business model and marketing ecosystem curated to grow your business long term.

You are ready to earn what you’re worth and create the life you deserve.

You know you need additional revenue streams to get off the feast & famine cycle.

You want premium 1:1 mentoring to step you through the process.

If you get the opportunity to work with Cass, you should take it! She gave me new ideas and helped me craft marketing that works.  She always focused on what was achievable for me, with family in mind. Cass could see why my sales funnel wasn’t converting and helped me craft a new launch process. I have clear direction now and I know what to do next.  There is no one else I’d go to for marketing strategy in our industry!

Katie Barron

Naturopath & Educator

Together we’ll walk through my 6 step process:

Get Clarity

You’ll get super clear on your ideal client, who they are and what they need from you.  Get clarity on your business, your goals and why you’re adding new revenue streams.

Nail Your Offers

Get really focused on your ideal client and how you can offer them the solutions they really need. Using my Offer Journey Mapping process you’ll craft the ideal transformational offer so you can stand out from the clutter.

Solution Framework

Next you’ll determine the journey you’ll take your client on, leading them to the transformation they so desperately want.  The Framework Foundation System will help you craft the right steps.

Revenue Stream Creation

You’ll create your program, package or membership, with support in our 1:1 sessions.  Curate the steps of your client transformation.

Marketing Framework

Learn how to build an audience of potential clients and market your program the right way.  Understand launch frameworks, evergreen formats and the art of a sales webinar.

Leads On Auto Pilot

You’ll learn how to create a Client Attraction System to put leads on autopilot and build an audience of ideal clients who need your program, package or membership.

Cassandra Duffill Marketing Strategy for Naturopath Health Wellness Entrepreneur

At the end of our six month journey you could have new online revenue streams, a pumping lead generation strategy, bespoke marketing plan, a signature framework –  or more! 

You will also have the right business strategy for sustainable growth.

I’ve worked with many mentors & coaches over the years, but Cass is the ONLY one who really supported my business. Other coaches were a waste of time & money.  She helped me launch my program and a new product, and walked me through all the tech step by step. Working with Cass I became really clear about my program, learnt the tech to create it, and launch it.  We also launched my subscription box and affiliate program.  I’m so grateful for Cass’s monthly mentoring!

Rebecca Lang

Naturopath, Juice Bar Owner, Author

Join Create & Elevate

I take a limited number of clients into Create & Elevate every month. Choose to pay upfront and receive bonuses, or choose to pay in monthly or fortnightly instalments.  Either way you’ll get all the support you need! Here are your options:



  • Six months premium growth mentoring
  • Monthly 1 hour 1:1 zoom sessions (6 in total) with clear action steps
  • Two 30min SOS 1:1 sessions you can use any time during your six months in Create & Elevate
  • Email support between sessions
  • Templates, workbooks & resources as required (there are no required modules, you are given resources if/when you need them)
  • Custom Trello board for your journey
  • BONUS – session #1 is a 60min DEEP DIVE STRATEGY CALL to start your program
  • PAY IN FULL BONUS – PODCAST INTERVIEW (if you’d like one!)

Prices are in AUD and ex gst


Monthly $1380 

  • Six months premium growth mentoring
  • Monthly 1 hour 1:1 zoom sessions (6 in total) with clear action steps
  • Two x 30min SOS 1:1 sessions you can use any time during your six months in Create & Elevate
  • Email support between sessions
  • Templates, workbooks & resources as required (there are no required modules, you are given resources if/when you need them)
  • Custom Trello board for your journey
  • BONUS – session #1 is a 60min  DEEP DIVE STRATEGY CALL to start your program

Prices are in AUD and ex gst

Hear From Previous Mentees

case study, client who got results with Create & Elevate with Cassandra Duffill

“I went from $700 months to consistent $5k months”

“I joined Create & Elevate because I knew I needed support and direction to grow my business.  Cass helped me grow my clinic and 1:1 clients, while at the same time teaching me how to add revenue streams to build my business faster. I created, launched and delivered my first online program and I crafted my brand new membership.  My clinic revenue increased over 600 percent, from under $700/month to consistent $5k months”.


Case study Cass Duffill naturopath mentoring success Rebecca Lang

“I feel truly supported and am growing my revenue beyond 1:1 consults”

“I’ve wasted so much money over the years with mentors & coaches that didn’t deliver what they promised. Cass is the only one who really supported my business.  My 1:1 books are full, so she showed me how to add new revenue streams.  We created & launched a program, she even walked me through the tech!  We also launched my subscription box and affiliate program.  I’ve worked with Cass for the last two years (and continue to work with her now) and I highly recommend it!”.


Jayne Sharpham, naturopath Cass success story mentoring natural health

“I put new revenue streams in place”

“My clinic was fully booked and I had no capacity for new clients, which meant my income was also capped.  I came to Create & Elevate to create an online program as a new revenue stream.  Cass made the process so easy, stepping me through every element.  I created, launched and delivered my first ever group online program! I’m returning to work with Cass in 2024 to create a new passive income stream and learn how to effectively market it”.


Cath Minter naturopath Cass success story mentoring natural health

“I was ready to create my legacy”

“After over 20 years as a practitioner working 1:1, I was passionate about creating a signature program supporting oncology patients. Working with Cass I crafted two versions of my program, and plans for additional DIY passive income streams.  Cass really knows her stuff, she’s a world-class mentor”.


louise ellen nutrition client mentee cass duffill strategy success story naturopath

“I made my nutrition practice my full time business”

“I came to Cass with the goal of leaving my full time job and making my nutrition business my full time role.  10 clients per week was my goal, which would allow me to leave my full time job – I achieved this in just six weeks with Cass’s support. I love being able to work full time in my own business”.



how long is create & elevate?

Create & Elevate is a 6 month marketing & business coaching experience.  Your program starts with your Deep Dive Strategy Call and ends exactly 6 calendar months later.   

The program is not extended for any reason and is payable in full.  The program is not refundable for any reason. 


You can expect my support for a full six months in a journey completely tailored to your business goals.  You get the exact advice and next steps you need, implementation however is up to you!  You will get the most out of the program if you implement our actions each call.  Don’t worry, we craft our plan with your life in mind – your business and family won’t suffer while you build your legacy!

You’ll receive 6 sessions that I recommend booking at the rate of one per month.  Upon signing up you’ll receive a booking calendar where you can book all six sessions. These can be rescheduled as needed, with 48 hour notice (no show sessions are forfieted).

1:1 sessions are recommended once per month, plus 2 additional 30min sessions you can use any time you need them.

Please note that booking calls is your responsibility ( you are provided a link to book the package of calls). Any remaining / skipped sessions are forfeited when your six month journey ends.

The program starts with a deep dive strategy call, followed by laser focused coaching sessions.  Each session you receive clear action steps, all crafted to meet your strategy goals as determined in our first session. You are welcome to record these calls for future reference.

I create a Trello board for you that is customised to your journey. In it you will find relevant resources and we can share content, ideas and tag each other in there too.  

During Create & Elevate we craft a custom journey for your business – a blend of filling your books with aligned clients, creating the right marketing for your business, and bringing to life new revenue streams! The direction we take depends on your goals and we craft this together in our first session.

What is the investment?

$7997 ex gst  Pay in full upfront (includes bonus content & inclusions) or by monthly or fortnightly payment plans.

I take a limited number of Create & Elevate clients most months, when my diary allows.  I do not offer extended payment plans, your program is paid in full during your six months, so please do not ask for extended or longer term payment plans.

Please ensure this investment is right for you before committing as I do not offer refunds, for any reason.

All prices quoted are GST exclusive.


This program is perfect for entrepreneurs in service based businesses, looking to grow and scale. You do not have to be 100% online, but you need to have some semblance of an online presence for marketing purposes.

You need to be someone who is open to advice (I may review your business on many levels aw we work together, and provide feedback).  You need to be an action taker, willing to do the work.  Your results are based on your ability to implement.

Do I need to be tech savvy? No you don’t.  Can you send an email? That is all I need. I can teach you any tech you may need in 1:1 zoom session / walk throughs.

Will you do the work for me? No I won’t.  I will however walk you through the process so you can be in control of your marketing moving forward.

Am I best to do Create and Elevate or another mentoring or program you offer?  Best to get on a call with me first, to find the best fit. Create & Elevate is the ONLY way you can get 100% one-to-one access with me.

What is the time commitment?

You’ll generally need an 30mins to 2 hours per week to complete the work  – it really depends on what we are working on and what your goals are.  In between our sessions you can contact me with questions or for support, about the content we are working on and I will respond within 24hours (work days).  

Are there refunds? Can I cancel?

No, there are no refunds and you cannot cancel once committed to this high end mentoring program.  If you do cancel we can cease our calls but you still pay for the program you committed to, in full.

Please do not undertake this coaching if it will put you in financial distress.  This will improve your business, but it can take 6-12 months for the full effect to be seen. It is not immediate, please do not expect you can sign up today and make six figures tomorrow! 

Your results will hinge on your ability to implement, so come in with an open mind and be ready to get to work 🙂 

Cassandra Duffill soul aligned marketing expert