Revenue streams are the safety net of your business

Revenue streams are the safety net of your businessEverything in business these days comes in trends. The current trend I'm hearing a lot about is the "one thing" method of running your business. Just one product or program, funnel everyone into that, and your million...

Top Marketing Mistakes Health Pracs Make – And How To Overcome Them

Are you struggling with putting yourself out there online? Finding it hard to be authentic and promote your awesome skills, without feeling icky, like some sort of used car salesman? Not sure about the right way to market yourself so you dabble here and there, but...

Map the Journey – Create an Epic Customer Experience

Welcome to the second post in my Epic Customer Journey series!  If you missed the first post, you can find it HERE. In today's post I will walk you through what is a customer journey and why to create one. As I mentioned in the last post, clients are seeking a...
Mini Biz Audit

Mini Biz Audit

As a business mentor & coach & a marketing strategist who mentors health practitioners, I know how important it is to know where your business is at, so you can develop a clear focus for where you want to go. Mini Biz Audit is a great tool I've created to use...

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