The Art Of Authentic Discovery Calls

As a an entrepreneur in the industry of helping and serving your clients, traditional discovery calls just don't sit well with us. We come from a heart space, yet the way we're taught to hold sales conversations feels pushy, manipulative and frankly leaves us feeling...

An Introvert’s Guide to Marketing Online

 The Introvert's Guide to Staying Invisible yet Invincible Online! Hello to all my introverts and entrepreneurs who avoid marketing because they don't want to be putting their face online. I get it, I'm an all or nothing kinda girl (I blame my neuro-spicy brain). I'm...

Empowered Marketing Unleashed – The Podcast with Cass Duffill

Struggling to express your remarkable uniqueness through your messaging & marketing?  Do you want to make your business work for you, and create success on your own terms? My friend, you’ve come to the right place! Cass Duffill, host of the Empowered Marketing...
Soulful Marketing Blitz – Free Marketing Challenge

Soulful Marketing Blitz – Free Marketing Challenge

It's here, the Soulful Marketing Blitz free challenge starts Monday October 2nd! Across 4 impactful days I'll share with you the secret to creating impact with your marketing, so you can start to see results. I'll help you to: - Uncover your soul zone - Nail the...

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Do I need a Facebook professional profile?

Do I need a Facebook professional profile?

What is a Facebook professional profile, and do I need one?As natural health and wellness practitioners we have the amazing benefit of social media for our marketing.  Never before has a generation of entrepreneurs had such fantastic - and free - tools at their...

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