From Passion to Practice: Building A Successful Health Business

Starting an online health & wellness business can be a daunting journey; transforming your passion into practice may seem intimidating. However, with a soulful strategy, resilient mindset, and effective marketing, you can build a thriving online health and...

Start Planning Your Way To Profit

In the ever-changing world of business, one constant remains - the need for effective strategy planning.  If you aren't reaching your goals or making the income you want to make, I know one thing to be true - you haven't planned for it.   A plan or strategy is your...

The Secret Of Selling Solutions

The Secret of Selling Solutions for Soulful and Health & Wellness Entrepreneurs: Actionable Tips You Can Implement Today

Do I need a Facebook professional profile?

Do I need a Facebook professional profile?

What is a Facebook professional profile, and do I need one?As natural health and wellness practitioners we have the amazing benefit of social media for our marketing.  Never before has a generation of entrepreneurs had such fantastic - and free - tools at their...

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