Craft Content That Connects – Episode 3

Today we’re uncovering the simple steps to create content that connects, the right content to resonate with your audience. We will also cover how to develop a content strategy that not only attracts the right clients, but aligns with you and your brand, without being...

Soulful Marketing Blitz – Free Marketing Challenge

It's here, the Soulful Marketing Blitz free challenge starts Monday October 2nd! Across 4 impactful days I'll share with you the secret to creating impact with your marketing, so you can start to see results. I'll help you to: - Uncover your soul zone - Nail the...

5 Social Media Secrets No One Is Telling You – Episode 3

Social media has become a powerful tool for soulful entrepreneurs to connect with their audience, share their mission, and make a positive impact. However, social media is a very different beast now in 2023, to what it was a year or two ago!  There are secrets to...

Know Your Customer…

Saying "know your customer" seems pretty basic, right?  Well it's not always so simple. Let me tell you about a time I had a real estate agency owner as a client.  And he didn't have a clue who his customer really was. I was hired by a local real estate agency to...

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Mini Biz Audit

Mini Biz Audit

As a business mentor & coach & a marketing strategist who mentors health practitioners, I know how important it is to know where your business is at, so you can develop a clear focus for where you want to go. Mini Biz Audit is a great tool I've created to use...

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