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Simple ways for heart-centred entrepreneurs to increase their revenue online

Need A Revenue Boost? Try these!

If you’re needing revenue beyond the offers and services you already have, sometimes we need to think outside the box!  Today we’ll talk about creative ways to boost your income, with online revenue streams you might not have thought of…

How to master your messaging and create content that connects to build your online business

Struggling to get clients? Maybe it’s your message!

The #1 issue that is stopping clients lining up to work with you, is your message.  To stand out online you need to master the art of incredible content that connects. Learn the simple steps here.

How to use webinars to bring leads into your online business on repeat

Leads on repeat with webinars

Webinars are an amazing way to bring leads into your business on repeat – and one that not many online entrepreneurs are using.  Let’s how to create a webinar that brings in clients on repeat to grow your business.

How to create SEO that attracts an abundance of website visitors to your online business

Strike gold with SEO

Are you ready to drive traffic to your website and convert lookers into clients?  Learn the simple tips to finding the right keywords and using keyword rich copy, to bring new traffic to your website right now.

attract clients easily online for heart-centred entrepreneurs

Build it, they will come – not!

I know you’ve heard it, “build it they will come”. But for most you built it and they didn’t come.  So how can you attract clients when you’re getting crickets right now?

fear to flourish - overcoming mindset blocks holding back entrepreneurs online

Banish the mindset blocks!

Are fears and mindset blocks are stopping you from showing up in your business, and making your dreams harder to achieve?  Today we’ll unpack common blocks and how to overcome them with simple actions.

shy away from sharing your expertise online?

Shy Away From Showing Up Online?

If you’re strangling your success by not showing up online, today’s guide will help you start taking confident steps forward.

social media free marketing - is it possible? CD strategy & business success mentoring

Social Media Free Marketing – is it possible?

It’s time to stop prioritising social media, and instead focus on marketing that actually gets results! Yes, you can market without social media and I’m going to show you how…

The Art of Authentic Discovery Calls - CD Strategy Business Success Mentoring

The Art of Authentic Discovery Calls

Build the business you love, with more of the RIGHT clients, by learning the simple process of authentic discovery calls.  Get the free guide with a 7 Step Checklist too!

An introverts guide to marketing online

An Introvert’s Guide To Marketing

Looking for effective marketing that gets results, but doesn’t require showing your face on a live, or dancing on TikTok? Here is your step by step guide…!

Power of packages - elevate your income by converting your consults into package. Step by step guide to package creation

Boost Your Revenue with Packages

Convert your amazing one-to-one services into transformational packages! Follow the simple steps and unleash the power of packages in your business.

empowered marketing unleashed with cass duffill

Empowered Marketing Podcast

A few little tweaks and a new range of content, focused on getting you results! Empowered Marketing Unleashed, your home of marketing, business strategy, authentic sales & tips to grow your business.

The Art of Authentic Lead Generation: Transforming Scarcity into Abundance

Simple Steps To Authentic Client Generation

No need to friend request strangers, slide into DM’s or dance on tiktok! Find out simple, authentic strategies to increase your leads and improve client flow.

a healers guide to create an abundant business

A Healers Guide to Create Abundant Business

As passion-led business owners your goal is to improve the lives of your clients. But that doesn’t mean your life shouldn’t be abundant! 

design your dream life for healers, helpers and soulful entrepreneurs

Design Your Dream Life – Success is not good luck!

I’m on a mission to help you create a life by design.  Success doesn’t happen by chance, it happens based on solid strategy and planning.  Today’s blog will help you start the process to designing your dream life.

explode your list and maximise email marketing for healers, helpers, naturopaths, soulful entrepreneurs and nutritionist

Explode Your List & Maximise Email Marketing

Healers & helpers, are you ignoring the most important marketing channel in your business? Learn how to maximise email marketing and get results!

why are you stuck on the 1:1 round about? New revenue streams for healers, helpers, naturopaths, nutritionist

Why Are You Stuck on the 1:1 Round About?

Trapped in the 1:1 model making less than you deserve? Today I’m going to open your mind to what is possible when you add new revenue streams to your business.

how to grow with simple video content

How To Grow With Simple Video Content

Video continues to trump on pretty much all platforms, so it’s time to embrace it! Find the simple ways, formats and strategies you can use to grow with simple video content.

Must know marketing trends for soulful entrepreneurs in 2024

The Business Of Healing

How to set up, monetise and systemise your soulful business.  Create a business that brings you immense satisfaction, and creates the dream life you want to live!

Must know marketing trends for soulful entrepreneurs in 2024

2024 Marketing Trends

Marketing changes and trends you need to know, to set the right course in 2024.  A must read blog for entrepreneurs working hard to get results online.

Powerful vision boards - CD strategy and soulful marketing

Vision Board Success in 2024

On the back of my podcast interview with Julie Jones about vision boards, I’ve put together a blog with the simple steps to create a board the works!

how you can plan to take a break from your business over christmas

Set & Forget Holiday Marketing

After a busy year you deserve a break! Come learn my tips on how to implement an easy, but impactful, set & forget holiday marketing schedule. 

Start planning your way to profit

From Passion to Practice

Learnings from the journey and key takeaways you can adopt, to use your passion to ignite your practice.  Start the right way, with these soulful insights.

Start planning your way to profit

Plan Your Way To Profit

You’re a healer or helper, you do what you do because you want to change lives. But you need an income too.  Let’s bridge that gap with my tips of creating a plan for profit.

The Secret of Selling Solutions for Soulful and Health & Wellness Entrepreneurs: Actionable Tips You Can Implement Today

Secret Of Selling Solutions

As healers & helpers, what you do comes from the passion in your soul to help others.  So your marketing needs to speak a different language, that is the art of selling solutions.

5 Must Have Marketing Tools For Soulful Entrepreneurs

Leverage LinkedIN

No longer the playground of eco-driven, career ladder climbing corporates! LinkedIN has become a great place to share you knowledge, meet like-minded people and foster real connections…

5 Must Have Marketing Tools For Soulful Entrepreneurs

Create Killer Content

Your “how to” and “step by step” guide to creating killer content.  Your content needs to connect with the right people. Let me show you how!

5 Must Have Marketing Tools For Soulful Entrepreneurs

5 Social Media Secrets No One Is Telling You

There are 5 key elements you could be getting wrong, and no one is telling you. Find out what that are in today’s blog.

5 Must Have Marketing Tools For Soulful Entrepreneurs

Ignite Your Business With Impactful Marketing

Get the foundations right & add your own soulful flair, for marketing that packs a punch!

5 Must Have Marketing Tools For Soulful Entrepreneurs

5 Must-Have Tools for Soulful Entrepreneurs

Choose the right tech & systems and create ease, flow and traction in your marketing. Find out what I use and recommend!

Content Creation 101 - Engage Your Audience. Soulful entrepreneurs in health, wellness, healers, helpers & coaches.

Create A Marketing Plan That Works

Struggling to create an achievable marketing plan, that still has heart & soul? Here’s the foundations for an impactful plan.

Content Creation 101 - Engage Your Audience. Soulful entrepreneurs in health, wellness, healers, helpers & coaches.

Content Creation 101 – Engage Your Audience

Tips, tricks & strategies to make it easy to connect with your audience, master your content calendar and ditch the overwhelm!

Unleash Your Brand Story

Connecting with your audience is more than just selling services & products. It’s about making an emotional connection, building trust and becoming known. One way to do this is through your brand story.

The power of a podcast

Looking for a way to grow your ideal client audience fast? The latest in my Optimise Marketing series, I delve into podcasts and the amazing benefits they can offer your business marketing.  I’ll also share a simple step process to starting your own podcast.

Unlocking the Power of Facebook: 5 Steps to Convert Followers into Loyal Clients in the Health and Wellness Industry

Turn followers into clients

What is the point of curating a following on Facebook, if it doesn’t translate to clients on the books?  Today I’ll share with you simple strategy to curate a profile that will attract loyal followers – and get them on your email list.

Unlocking the Power of Facebook: 5 Steps to Convert Followers into Loyal Clients in the Health and Wellness Industry

Optimise your Instagram profile

You love Instagram – and so do your ideal clients! What can you do to stop the scroll, grab their attention and get their names on your email list? In today’s blog we’re talking Instagram optimisation with simple steps to skyrocket your visibility.

unlock marketing success for health and wellness practitioners

Unlock success in your marketing

Health & wellness entrepreneurs, I know you’re trying so hard to make your marketing work. There are a few foundation elements to get right, before you can get the traction you deserve.  Let me talk you through them, step by step.

unlock marketing success for health and wellness practitioners

Do I need a professional Facebook profile?

With the launch of Facebook professional profiles, this is a question I’m getting asked a lot.  Let’s talk through the options so you can chose the best Facebook marketing channels for your business.


Hi, I’m Cass!

I’m an ex-corporate marketing girl, who created a thriving natural health practice, then turned her talents to supporting other wellness entrepreneurs to do the same! My goal is to help you create an abundant business without being a slave to your clients (or your socials!).

Through my signature framework I help wellness entrepreneurs craft impactful marketing, create online revenue streams, and grow sustainable businesses.


Content That Connects – Free Workbook

Getting your core marketing message right is the key to connecting with your ideal clients – and it’s not as hard as you might think! Make it easy with my step by step message creator workbook.