I never planned to be an entrepreneur…

Actually, I thought I’d be CEO of a major brand by age 35!

How did I get here?

My adult life started with a business and marketing degree. I loved studying, particularly strategic management, creative marketing & revenue generation type  subjects  

After graduation I moved into corporate marketing & business management.  Working for brands like Vodafone, Sony Films & McDonald’s was amazing! So grateful to have such opportunities – very few are so lucky. Most challenging was marketing Melbourne Airport through some unprecedented times – the fall of the twin towers, the Bali bombing & the collapse of Ansett.  Learning to pivot through crisis became second nature to me.

Cassandra Duffill soul aligned marketing expert





As much as I loved corporate business, it took a toll on my health.  In my quest for health solutions, I studied naturopathy.  A little twist of fate, and I was a practicing naturopath with my own clinic!

2014 was a big year in my life. It was the year I graduated as a naturopath, and also the year I got divorced.  With little to my name financially and two little boys under six to care for, I had no choice but to use my naturopathic qualifications & start a business.  That business HAD to succeed.  My boys NEEDED it to.  Success was my only option!


Not my first rodeo!

Cassandra Duffill soul aligned marketing expert

Entrepreneurial spirit has always been my key driver.  I started my first online business in 2006, in the first wave of “mum-preneurs”.  Next came the first online eco kids store, closely followed by an eco wholesale business.

While running the clinic I launched Health Blends – an organic herbal tea range.  I started e-consults back in 2014, long before anyone had heard of telehealth.  Mobile consults & corporate consults rounded out the business plan.

I had a real knack for finding new ways to monetise skills, create new revenue streams & add dollars to my bottom line.  My clinic flourished, and colleagues came seeking support for their businesses.




Industry colleagues reached out for business & marketing support over the years & I was always happy to provide.  Plus, the amount of naturopathic consults that turned into business mentoring sessions was almost laughable! My passion for business was blazing, I couldn’t contain it any longer.

Making  the official leap, I launched this business in 2020. In August 2021 I took the final leap of faith & closed the clinic.  In 2022 business coaching was no longer a side line, my passion project had became my sole focus.


Because it’s YOUR time!

growth mentoring cassandra Duffill

I love your business as much as you do, and I want you to truly shine!  My goal is to help you gain clarity, direction and implement simple yet impactful strategies so you can create a thriving business.

Have you ever felt stuck or overwhelmed? Unsure of the right steps to take to move forward? Do you want to work less, earn more & help more people in the process? That’s where I can help!

My premium business growth coaching offers you the benefit of my broad experience, delivered in easy to implement strategies, crafted to take you to the next level.  Direction, accountability & support to become the successful entrepreneur you were meant to be.  It’s time for you to SHINE!

My Vibe


You don't need to burn out to thrive in business


Following your passion will lead to success


Positive mindset + "doing the right things"


Helping others succeed is my soul purpose


Who am I really?

FEARLESS – but not risky

Supporting you to be fearless in your business so you can reach new heights

HONEST – but not callous

Rely on me to always give you the truth, with compassion & direction.

AUTHENTIC – and reliable

Being burnt by mentors in the past, I provide the service I always wished I had received.

INNOVATIVE – without scary tech

We will use the best options for your business & I will teach you every step.

EMPOWERING – but not demanding

Yes I want you to strive. But I know you have a life outside of your business too.

INSPIRATIONAL – but not contrived

You can achieve whatever you want, I walked the path so I can show you how.

So, are you ready?

Work with a business growth mentor who’s as passionate about your business as you are.


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