Hi, I’m Cass!

Marketing Mentor, Business Strategist, Online Marketing Specialist, Revenue Stream & Business Model Expert

Cassandra Duffill soul aligned marketing expert

Hello, I’m Cass! Ex-corporate marketing girl, turned natural health practitioner, now online marketing strategist, supporting people like you to create the business you dream of – and the income you deserve.

As a business & marketing strategist I was trusted by some of the world’s biggest brands, like McDonalds, Vodafone, Sony Films & Melbourne Airport. As a practitioner, I ran a practice generating multi six-figures annually for a decade.  Now I support health & wellness entrepreneurs create their success with marketing & business strategy.

I’ve nailed the art of successful marketing with my signature framework that blends impactful strategy, content creation, holistic marketing plans, systems and processes.  , 

Marketing success is a formula, one that I can teach you step by step. Design the marketing, business & life you desire with me, and take simple steps daily to make it your reality.


Cassandra Duffill is on the Board of Directors for ATMS
and is also certified practicing Member

Cassandra Duffill holds a Bachelor Degree
in Marketing & is an accredited member of the AMI


How did I get here?

My adult life started with a business and marketing degree. I excelled in strategic management, creative marketing & revenue generation concepts.  

Working for brands like Vodafone, Sony Films & McDonald’s was amazing! So grateful to have such opportunities – very few are so lucky. 

Although I loved the corporate world, it took a toll on my health. In my quest for answers I stumbled across natural health, and a new passion was born!


Cassandra Duffill soul aligned marketing expert
Cassandra Duffill soul aligned marketing expert

By 2013 I was a qualified naturopath and on the back of a divorce, as a solo parent with two little boys in tow, I launched Health Haven.

Entrepreneurial spirit has always been a key driver in me, so quickly I added revenue streams to my clinic with a hybrid programs, group programs, online health courses and physical products, including my herbal tea brand.  

Health Haven ran for a decade, generating multi six figures every year.  In 2023 Health Haven closed, so I could focus on supporting entrepreneurs. 

Why did my business flourish, while so many fail?

Marketing & business strategy!

growth mentoring cassandra Duffill

You put your heart and soul into your business & you get amazing outcomes for your clients. Yet you struggle with marketing your business & feel like you’re talking to no one.

This isn’t your fault, your qualification taught you the skills of your trade, not how to market, grow or scale your business!   My goal is to help you learn simple yet impactful strategies so you can create a thriving business.

It’s time for you to SHINE!

Let me tell you what I believe…


You don't need to burn out to be successful


Mindset will only get you so far - you have to "do the thing" as well


Marketing & growing a business is easy, once you've been shown how


Success is a formula, one I can teach you

Soulful Entrepreneurs Unleashed

NEW PODCAST! Value packed strategies, tips & advice to create a thriving business with marketing, mindset & monetising your skills in new ways.

Wellness Marketing Unleashed Podcast - Cass Duffill

Feeling confused about

  • How to market your business online?

  • Using your skills to create abundant revenue streams?

  • Creating a business that doesn’t make you a slave to clients (or your socials!)

  • Having the confidence to move forward with the right steps?

Every episode delivers juicy tips and tactics you can take and use right now, to start growing your online business.  Grab a cuppa and tune in!

Join me for simple, impactful marketing strategy, new ways to add revenue to your business, plus interviews with successful practitioners who’ve already done it!

I guess you’re wondering

Who is Cass really?

FEARLESS – but not risky

I support you to be fearless in your business so you can reach new heights.

HONEST – but not callous

Rely on me to always give you the truth, with compassion & direction.

AUTHENTIC – and reliable

Being burnt by mentors in the past, I provide the service I always wished I had received.

INNOVATIVE – simple systems

We will use the best options for your business & I will teach you every step.

EMPOWERING – not demanding

Yes I want you to strive. But I know you have a life outside of your business too.

INSPIRATIONAL – without the BS

You can achieve whatever you want, I walked the path so I can show you how.

So, are you ready?

Work with a marketing expert who truly understands your path, because she’s a health & wellness prac too!


Content That Connects – Free Workbook

Getting your core marketing message right is the key to connecting with your ideal clients – and it’s not as hard as you might think! Make it easy with my step by step message creator workbook.